kevin riley kfriley at
Mon Nov 26 11:35:30 GMT 2001

To whom it may concern:

I am a computer engineering student at Marquette University.  I have a lot 
of ideas for Operating systems and applications, but due to my limited 
knowledge, they are lying dorment in my head.  If there is someone that I 
can bounce some ideas off so that they can actually accomplish it, this 
would be great.

This may sound weird, someone with good ideas but limited know-how.  The 
reason is I am a quick learner and listen to a lot of people.  Some ideas 
come to me and as I discuss them with people, I make them more viable.  The 
problem is, having never done anything like it, I wouldn't know where to 

I have both hardware ideas and software ideas.  I don't know if anyone on 
the samba team would deal with hardware, but I'm just throwing that out.

One of my favorite ideas was an Os that managed Os's.  This might be in 
production because it is a great idea and it just seems like it's going to 
happen soon.  Some issues would be with virtual machines and os handling.  
The end product would have Os's viewable as if the were applications.  You 
could switch from one to another as easily as you would with any normal 
applications.  There would have to be one work horse Os that is the base for 
all the other Os's.  It would also have to implement virtual machine 
thinking in order to deal with I/O.  The base Os could have a settings 
kernel wich would save all the files that are desired to be shared.  I have 
some other thoughts on this and I don't wish to make this one of those huge 
emails people dread reading.

The reason I think this is so important is because space is offensively 
cheap and more and more people are tring to dual and multi boot (including 
myself).  The process now is still barbaric.  Being able to accomplish this 
would open up new doors to Os, I think.  You could take the best of 
different Os's and make them into one.  Also, the advancements in virtual 
machines that are necessary would be wonderful.

If anyone is interested, I would love to here professionals' thoughts on 
this.  If not, thank you for your time and happy coding.


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