Change in name mangling algorithm?

Peter Daum gator at
Mon Nov 26 06:13:03 GMT 2001


it looks, like the "name mangling" that samba uses has changed in
some recent version:

I am using samba 2.2.1a/samba/2.2.2 to provide file services for
a bunch of Win98-Clients. Some of the client's menu entries do
not directly point to an executable but to a batch file, which
does some preparations and then calls a windows binary. This used
to work without any problems with Samba 2.0.x (I don't know
exactly, when the change occurred).

With recent versions of samba, it is no longer possible to
execute a windows binary from a dos box if the path name of the
file contains elements with more than 8 characters - the attempt
to do so yields an error message "access denied". It looks like
the reason for this is some misunderstanding between Windows and
Samba about the "short name" for the files.

In my case, the problem was a directory called "soffice52". Samba
now generates an alias approximately like "SOFFI~@", in earlier
versions it used to be something like "SOFFI~1", basically the
same schema that Win9x also uses for alias names.

Was there any urgent reason for this change in samba?
Would it be possible to get the old behavior back?


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