Win2k Printing Problem

Joel Hammer Joel at
Sun Nov 25 19:51:04 GMT 2001

I would try security = share. Nothing to lose.

On Sun, Nov 25, 2001 at 10:14:04PM -0500, Hal Vaughan wrote:
> Added Guest ok=yes and Guest Account=root to [Global] -- no difference.  I 
> changed log level to 3 and am going over logs now.  I'm doing security=user 
> since I'm also using this for logons from Win2k.  Can I do that with 
> security=share?
> The log files seem to have an endless loop with the printer -- checking it, 
> then checking a UID.  The first few times through it seems okay, then 
> there's a message: 
> rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c:_spoolss_open_printer_ex(access DENIED for 
> printer open (and there is no closing parenthesis -- if that 
> matters).  That's just what I've found at first.  I'm still looking over 
> it.  I did find where SAMBA verified me as a user when it restarted, so it 
> has no problem with me as a user (and I can read and write to the file 
> shares with no problem -- it's only the printer!).
> Thanks,
> Hal
> At 09:25 PM 11/25/2001, you wrote:
> >Have you tried testparm and testprns ?
> >I would stil try adding a guest user to your global section. I seem to recall
> >that if security is by share, then the guest user is the one you are when
> >you first log on and that MAY affect something (just guessing here.)
> >Joel
> >

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