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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Sun Nov 25 17:59:02 GMT 2001

On 21 Nov 2001, Chris Tooley wrote:

> I apologize, I'm a moron for not reading the documentation on this
> first.  I have made the change but it doesn't seem to have helped, I
> still get an error:
> Windows cannot copy file \\filecabinet\profiles\dreed\Favorites\Media\
> to location c:\Documents and Settings\dreed\Favorites\Media\.  Contact
> your network administrator.
> DETAIL - The specified network name is no longer valid.
> Windows will log you on with a temporary....

I need a level 10 debug log surrounding the error.  Also it,
would be helpful to ahave a copy of your smb.conf and steps
for reproducing the error.  Send these to me offlist.
I'll try to take a look, but it will probably be the end of
next week.

chau, jerry
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