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raynkid raynkid at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 25 12:14:02 GMT 2001

Hello all,

Here is my situation:

I have an existing linux box with 100+ users. This box
run various services. Users do not have shell access.
I have added samba to this box so users can share
files and access their files from Windows. Samba
installation and configuration went smoothly. Now, the
problem is, I need to create entries in smbpasswd for
these 100+ users.

How would I go about creating these smbpasswd entries
with passwds from /etc/shadow?

User input is not an option, meaning I do not want to
locate these 100+ users and have them type in their
passwd to smbpasswd.

Assigning passwords to these 100+ users is not an
options as well. I would like their smbpasswd and
shadow passwd to be identical. One network, one
password is the mantra here.

I do have read about smbpasswd and /etc/passwd
synchronization and changing passwds from Windows
boxes. I do not need synchronization of smbpasswd and
passwd, I just need to build this smbpasswd file once.
Users will not need to change passwds from their
Windows boxes.

Does a solution to my problem exist? I thought my
scenario is quite common. I was amazed that there is
no simple solution.

Thank you all in advance for any help/advice.
--raynkid at yahoo.com

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