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Ivan N Paz ivan at isa.cult.cu
Sun Nov 25 10:32:10 GMT 2001

> Ivan N Paz <ivan at isa.cult.cu> wrote on 23.11.2001 15:03:59:
> >
> >And what about the profiles created by win9x machines???
> >
> >Ivan
> Hi Ivan,
> who uses 9x? To be serious: I don't know; but as far as I know 9x roaming
> profiles are much smaller than their 2k counterparts so it's easy to store
> them on the server.
> Ciao Oliver

Hi Oliver and everyone...

To be honest myself you´d be surprised to know that I have a bunch of
boxes still running win9x (P133mhz with 16MB Ram) what else can I ask ;)

And the problem is that the profiles are no SO small, 40-100+ MBs... people
are used to store things on their desktops, and that travels back and forth every time
they log in/out Besides, they DONT need that "feature" cause my users will
ALWAYS log from their respective machines... and they are eating hard disk
space at the server... (this is a school network, thats why it so "modest" :)


pd. Does anyone else know how to turn that feature off either in windows or
smd.conf???? I do need my samba box to be a PDC/Domain master, etc.
I just DONT WANT the roaming profiles thingy!!!

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