Win2K can't print to a Samba Printer?

Oliver Six o.six at
Sat Nov 24 09:48:02 GMT 2001

"Ian Chilton" <ian at> wrote on 24.11.2001 17:01:51:

>> try to 'net use lpt2: \\server\printershare'
>> and then assign lpt2: as your printerport.
>When I do that, I get command successfully completed but when I try to
>print it comes up with an error saying it can't send to the port.
>I also tried right clicking on the printer in "network neighborhood" and
>clicking connect. It says there is no driver, I point it to the driver
>and it says it's not compatible with the printer, even though it's the
>same driver I use installed locally.
>I don't get it.
>Any more ideas?
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Hi Ian,

do you have a "printer driver = ..." in the definition for the printer 
share? If no create it and set the value to the name of the printer 
_displayed_ in w2k. If yes the printer name may has changed from 98 to 2k 
so you need to change the value in smb.conf to the new name. 

Ciao Oliver
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