Win2K can't print to a Samba Printer?

Daniel Teo danieltkh at
Sat Nov 24 07:36:11 GMT 2001


i have similar problem .. however the other users has done it succesffullyy
with win2k

i am using wink2 sp2 , samba 2.2.1a

what about you ?

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I have a Brother laser printer connected to a linux box running Samba.
It is working fine from Win98 workstations, but now I have Win2K on my
laptop, I am unable to print. This is because the linux box obviously
doesn't have the win2k driver so I tried to install it as a local
printer and then change it to a network path like I always did with
Win98, but this wouldn't work either - the driver installs etc but then
there seems to be no way to make it a network printer.

Has anyone else successfully done this or know of any docs on Win2k
printing to samba?

Thanks in Advance


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