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Sujan Nandy schrieb:

> Dear friends,
>                     One of my friends got a ttypical problem with installing
> linux on a m/c with PIII 933 MHz. , 256 MB SDRAM , 20 GB HDD with SIS 6326
> motherboard [ intel 815EEA chipset ] + 8 MB sahred memory. He made a dos FAT
> 32 partition with 12 GB keeping win98 and another 8GB as non dos for Linux
>  Red Hat 7.1 ] While installing and specifying / , /boot , /usr , /usr/src ,
> /usr/local and swap we got a typical error saying the partion is above 1023
> sectors or clustors.

This error message doesn't mean that the partition is only allowed to be less
than 8 GB.  It means on some systems the /boot partition has be under the 8
GB limit (and I think 2 GB at SCSI-Disks). Because you have the first 12 GB for
Windows, the /boot partition is above the 8 GB limit. You have to try to put
the /boot partition under that 12 GB for Windows. A partitioning of the
Windows-part could be useful. Maybe 2 GB for a Windows-system-partition. Then a
50 MB /boot partition, then the rest of the Windows world (all programms, datas
and so on up to 12.050 GB) and the last 7.050 GB you can use for the rest of
the linux world.


> After this at last it goes for instatllation and after
> finishing it asks for boot disk. The main concern is that /boot fails even
> after he gave 7 mb to it. The first time the m/c boots perfectly but after
> booting it hangs and we are forced to rebbot it. This time it goes for a
> toss with sytem check by going [ FIXED ] . while checking /usr it fails and
> tells us to go for maintenance with root password or press Ctrl - D for
> reboot. Here my friend is helpless.
>                 What should we do? Can anyone out there please help us. i
> have tried to give almost every detail possible, so i think I can expect a
> reasonably good solutions from any of the good guys out there! can you also
> please specify the mounting sizes to be given to say / , /usr , /boot , swap
> for 8GB...
> Regards n best wishes
> Sujan Nandy
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