FinePrint and Samba

Daniel Teo danieltkh at
Fri Nov 23 09:55:02 GMT 2001

hi ,, 
	could you please post ur settings for 
	ur printer share ? 
thanks :)

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Daniel Teo wrote:
> Thanks joel.
> do you mean that samba do not support 2 way comms for the printer
> to pc ?
> I have this scenerio ,
> On Win98 print to linux samba printer
> Using Fineprint both single side and doubleside printing works
> On Win2k SP1 . if i remember correctly,
> printing to the same linux samba printer
> only single side printing works ...
> fine print crash when printing on the 2nd page..
> PS . i encounter this scenerio a long time ago using redhat 7.0
> i am setting up my samba from scratch again with win2k sp2 this time.
> is there any way solve the problem ?

I use Fineprint just fine through Samba with manual doublesided
This is with W2K SP2, Slackware 7.1, and Samba 2.2.2.


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