file ownership

Daniel Teo danieltkh at
Fri Nov 23 04:50:06 GMT 2001

i am guessing .. :)
check your create mode for the share ..
is it that the sticky bit is set ? 


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I'm pleased to become a list member.

Excuse me! I need your help.

My problem is that: We have a Samba server running  on Linux, this is a
PDC in our LAN. There is  a share in the server with full access for any
user (that's the idea), but when a user writtes a file in the share,
he/she becomes the new file owner, and the write permission is
exclusively for him/her, consequently the rest of
users can not do any modification over this file.

I have added to the share description the option "dos filemode = yes"
(by default is false),  but the problem persists.

Do you have any idea?
Thank you.

Best Regards,
Jose A. Gaspar
jose at

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