still problems to join domain with W2Ksp2

Goetz Reinicke goetz.reinicke at
Fri Nov 23 00:42:05 GMT 2001


what I've done:

Installed Redhat 7.2 and Samba 2.2.2 from rawhide.
Configured samba as a PDC and WINS-Server.
Added Useraccounts and Mashineaccounts for my NT4SP6a-Users and -Systems.
The NT4 Systems can join the domain, the Users can access the shares.

Installed W2K with sp2 on an testsystem.
I can access the shares with different users.
I added the mashine account for the testsystem and added

nt acl support = no to the global section

and a profile share

     path = /export/samba/profiles
     browseable = no
;    guest ok = yes
     writeable = yes
     create mask = 0600
     directory mask = 0700

Now if I try to join the domain, I'm asked for a name and password for 
an user, which is allowed to join the domain. I tried the user which is 
currently loged in to the testsystem and some different users, but I had 
no luck :-( I get the answere:

Ther is an error by trying to join the domain: Login failed: unknown 
user or wron password.

With the user i tried, i can access the shares.

So any idea what can be wrong or missing??

1000 Thaks in advance!!!

su... Götz

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