winbindd, getent, primary group issue

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Thu Nov 22 06:12:17 GMT 2001

Greetings all,

I am running winbindd running quite nicely on a suse 7.3 system.
(samba 2.2.2)

One issue (until now:-): I discovered that new created files
are created with the gid associated with the primary group of the particular user
which is fine and desired.

However:  'getent passwd' lists all users with the gid set to 10000 which
happens to be mapped to the 'Domain users' group and it is not
the numeric gid the files are created with...

getent passwd looks like (only relevant parts)

TESTKTA+p4600:x:10006:10000:Rudi 4600:/home/TESTKTA/p4600:/bin/false

and getent group (relevant parts)


when the user p4600 creates a new file then the unix id/gid is 10006/10005
after the primary group has been set to Testgruppe, before setting the
primary group all files were created with gid 10000 (Domain users).  

This seems to be a little inconsistent to me...

Q: is this the intended behaviour and if not, how to get the 'correct'

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