Connecting to servers via IP

Laurence Anderson l.d.anderson at
Thu Nov 22 01:25:02 GMT 2001

On Wednesday 21 November 2001 11:31 pm, you wrote:
> I think you have an odd combination of options.
> When I try this, it goes right to the ip number, ignoring -L. However, if
> the -L option is not present, the command fails.


> > I'm trying to list the shares on a server outside my subnet using the
> > following command:
> >
> > smbclient -I -L oemcomputer
> >
> > The computers IP is Why does it go looking on broadcast for
> > oemcomputer and not finding it instead of connecting to the IP like I
> > told it?

It is a weird combination, but basically I want to see all the shares 
available on a computer not on my network. Thats why I was using the -L 
option, which needs the name of the computer.

Another question - If I have the NetBIOS name of a computer on another 
network how can I resolve it to an IP if there are no WINS servers? If I know 
a host or master on that network can I ask that? I've been fiddling with 
nmblookup with no luck!



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