Connecting to servers via IP

Joel Hammer Joel at
Wed Nov 21 15:32:03 GMT 2001

I think you have an odd combination of options.
When I try this, it goes right to the ip number, ignoring -L. However, if
the -L option is not present, the command fails.
I don't think the broadcast matters. Mine does it. Don't TCP/IP broadcast to
find the location of an ip? After all, it is that big number on your NIC that
is the real ethernet address, if memory serves me properly, which it
usually doesn't. Also, unless that ip is in your routing table, the computer
has to try to find out where to send it. Gets complicated fast. To see what is going on,
run tcpdump -i eth0 -n and watch the action.
On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 09:17:42PM +0000, Laurence Anderson wrote:
> I'm trying to list the shares on a server outside my subnet using the 
> following command:
> smbclient -I -L oemcomputer
> The computers IP is Why does it go looking on broadcast for 
> oemcomputer and not finding it instead of connecting to the IP like I told it?

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