Problems with Excel and Access files

Tony Nichols tony at
Wed Nov 21 13:57:03 GMT 2001

This has been working for me ...... 3-5 users
   veto oplock files = /*.mdb/*.MDB/*.ldb/*.LDB
   dos filetimes = yes

(put under the share info)
I have had no problems with excel as of yet ....
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I have a problem width some excel files in my Samba File server because
when I try to open from a WinMe client, the client machine always
craches width a error in the vredir.vxd and ifsmgr.vxd. I think is a
problem in oplocks or something like that.
In the mdb files, the MS Access tolds me that can't open the file
Can anybody help me?
What configuration should I have in [Global] and [Files] sections?
What unix permission should I have in the directory and excel, access
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