Samba won't allow PC connections

Ben Griffith bgriffit at
Wed Nov 21 12:52:17 GMT 2001


The WINS server was returning an invalid IP address for our server's 
netbios name.

nmblookup -U ( x = wins server ip ) -R 

Returns the wrong IP address.

Looks like it was never Samba in the first place. Always nice to know that 
it is not something that was personally bungled up by yours truly. Now if I 
could  get the network honchos to alter the WINS server database....... I 
did make sure nmbd was attempting to register with the wins server ( wins 
server = x.x.x.x ) but it will not take since that is improperly populated.

I suppose that the BIG CLUE in log.nmdb was:

[2001/11/21 11:34:17, 0] nmbd/nmbd_namelistdb.c:standard_fail_register(292)
  standard_fail_register: Failed to register/refresh name ICARUS<00> on 
subnet U

Now I know.

Thanks for all of the help.


--On Wednesday, November 21, 2001 10:28 AM -0500 Joel Hammer 
<jhammer2 at> wrote:

| Well, this sounds like a name resolution problem.
| If you are using a wins server, that may be improperly configured (wild
| guess)
| The WINS server should have DNS proxy = yes. That is on by default.
| I forget if you have wins server = BIGSERVER in your smb.conf.
| Joel
| On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 09:22:14AM -0500, Ben Griffith wrote:
|> OK,
|> Here are some new and interesting details.
|> I am still using the same smb.conf file that I posted earlier.
|> When I ping my server by netbios name, the response in a DOS box is:
|> pinging netbiosname.domain [] blah blah.
|> The netbios name resolves properly to the server IP and the ping goes
|> through as anticipated. When I do:
|> net view //netbiosname
|> I get the Error 5: do not have proper privlidges, bad password, blah
|> blah.
|> When I do net view // I get the listing of services that
|> are hosted by samba on my server. ??!
|> After seeing this I added a printer using -[//netbiosname/service]-.
|> This  was rejected, asking for a password all the time. If the printer
|> is added  as -[//]- then the connection is made
|> and I can  print. Interestingly enough, after adding one printer in this
|> ip-based  format, I can now access all of the other services using
|> -[//netbiosname/service]-.
|> If I remove the printer that is added using the IP address, all of the
|> other services are not available any more. To me this seems like
|> something  that is not samba based but somewhere in the network like
|> PDC, WINS, DNS  even? My guess is WINS since I can ping the machine and
|> the ip resolves  properly. At any rate, I am going to chat with the
|> network honchos and see  what they think. Thanks for all of the advise
|> and tips.
|> 	--Ben--
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