Samba as a PDC

Axel Machens axel_machens at
Wed Nov 21 12:34:45 GMT 2001

Hello Daniel,

Wednesday, November 21, 2001, 5:05:48 PM, you wrote:

DS> Hiya all.
DS> I need some help with samba as a PDC.
DS> I run samba 2.2.2, and WindowsXP as clients
DS> I can't join the domain as a normal user, but I can as root. Why?
DS> smbpasswd -a -m sebastian  <- the machine account: Error: Bad username
DS> or bad password <- When trying to join the domain with the username
DS> sebastian
DS> smbpasswd -a daniel <- an usual account: Error: Access is denied <- When
DS> trying to join the domain with daniel as the username
DS> Please help me solve this problem.
DS> Regards
DS> Daniel Sebastian

Is the normal user a linux / unix user too ? Is not make with useradd
or adduser sebastian and the machine account with useradd
yourmachinenname$ (you nead the dollar promt at the end for linux
/unix) and with smbpasswd -a -m yourmachinenaccount (without $ )
the comes machinename$

ok I hope I can help

sorry for my english


Best regards,
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