Office 2000 Problems for users designated "Domain User"

Doug Douglass samba at
Wed Nov 21 12:20:03 GMT 2001


this may or may not solve your problem, though I'm interested in the outcome
if you go ahead and try it (I don't envy you).

Either way, it sounds like you have another problem indicated by the error
when trying to add the "Domain Users" group to a local group. I'd check your
samba logs to see what's up and if it's fixable first.

Good Luck,

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> Office was installed on each machine individually when they were in a
> peer-to-peer workgroup. Now they are in a domain with Samaba 2.2.2 running
> on RH 7.1 (kernel 2.4.10) as the PDC.
> <Deep breath> I guess un-installing Office and then re-installing
> is better
> than trying same for Samba; I'll take a crack at that.
> Thanks a bunch.
> Patrick

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