character set serious problem

Ariel Mella samba at
Wed Nov 21 04:57:02 GMT 2001

i have a public share. all the users can do  r, w, x.
all is working.. but.
1) when i a user creat a directory with characters like í ó é the directory
is created succesfully but is imposible to enter in the dir and win9x/Me
come with a message error.
and the users are unable to delete the folder/directory, the i have to enter
to my linux box and delete by hand..
2) when a file is created with characters like í ó é the file created fine.
then i can edit this file and the canges are saved.. but when i want to
delete this file the same error appera and no one is able to delete the

if i create files and directories/folders without í ó é or characters with
acentuation, all is working fine..

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