home directory PDC

Steve Lee maillist at blitzen.net
Wed Nov 21 03:04:02 GMT 2001

if one uses the "logon drive = "
the home directory get mounted on Z:

however, when i set "logon drive = H:"
the home directory get mounted on H:

i red in the PDC Faq, net tested for 
samba 2.2.X  that leaving 
"logon drive = "  would not allow 
roaming profile, and that it will
save the profile in the user computer
speeding up the login/logout process.
However, i have tried both method above
and am still looking at very long
login/logout time.  ~7min/~4min

What are some ways that " You " have done
to speed up the process for the user to 
get on the domain. ?   i only have a
small netlogin.cmd  batch file that
executes to set the time, and connect
2 share directory for all users.


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