quota support with Linux 2.4.x kernels

Frank Joerdens frank at joerdens.de
Tue Nov 20 04:41:04 GMT 2001

On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 10:54:41AM +1100, Matthew Geier wrote:
> Frank Joerdens wrote:
> > 
> > Greetings. I read in a samba list that the quota support is 'broken' in
> > so-called 'linus' kernels > 2.4.3 and that one is supposed to use a
> > redhat or 'cox' kernel (what the hell is that supposed to mean . . . are
> > we having different Linux kernle branches now??)
>  In effect yes.
>  The linus kernel and the Alan Cox kernel. Alan tests stuff and then
> linus puts it in his kernel. More or less. Only the AC kernels have a
> different VM and differen quota controls.
>  RedHat base their kernels off Alan Cox's tree.
> > if quota is to work.
> > Does anyone know anything about this? All I know is that quota support
> > does not work anymore since I moved to 2.4, not with samba or netatalk
> > (I need both, really).
>   Patch it your self ?. I run XFS on my server, and it uses yet another
> quota system as the 'standard' ones don't handle 64bit file systems. One
> of the XFS team patched samba. Samba is easy to fix, if you look at the
> quota code, its nicely split into different systems. The linux one has
> seperate functions that abstract the quota calls. It would be easy to
> fix.

Hmm. Do you happen to know if that applies to Reiser as well (i.e. does
the Cox kernel quota system work with Samba/Reiser without a patch or do
I need to also find a patch for Samba or use XFS instead of Reiser and
then use the XFS/Samba patch??)? If I understand you correctly, then I
would need to not only find a 2.4 kernel that has quota support (or
patch it myself), but find a filesystem/server combination that works
with the quota system that the kernel supports, which apparently becomes
rather tricky with modern filesystems and the current kernel generation
. . . ugh.

Regards, Frank

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