Windows ME / 2K / XP Printing.

Kevin Tomlinson Kevin.Tomlinson at
Tue Nov 20 03:55:02 GMT 2001


Our department has succesfully been using samba as a print server for a
host of 95/98/NT4 boxes for some time now.

However, we're recently started to introduce ME / 2k / XP machines and
are having problems.

Basically, under ME, 2k and XP after adding a printer as a network
printer, I recieve an error message along the lines of 'Unable to
Connect to print queue' , 'Unable to determine printer status' or
'Network printer currently offline' (message varies with OS)

For 2k / XP this isn't much of a problem as print jobs can still be
pushed through, but the inability to monitor the print queue using the
windows print queue tool is a minor irritation.

However, Windows Millenium instantly puts the printer into Offline mode
and hence will not allow printing at all.

Does anyone have any siggestions as to a work around, or a problem?

I can attach smb.conf or printcap information on request, however it
does work flawlessly for 95/98/NT4 implying theres difference in the way
ME onwards gathers printer information from samba. There seems to be
limited options client side to overcome this, so I'm hoping its a fix
samba end.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Kevin Tomlinson

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