Can't see browse list in File Manager

Eric Boey ericboey at
Tue Nov 20 01:30:05 GMT 2001

Hi all,

I have two PDC supporting two different domain running on NT and Samba
2.2.1 respectively. Now i added another Samba 2.2.1 as domain member to
Samba based PDC mentioned earlier on together with all others
boxes(NT,W2K,98,ME) on the network(within the same domain of course).
I've tested out the shares service and connection using command line
tools and seems to be working fine. The biggest problem having now is i
can't seems to be seeing the newly added Samba box inside Windows
Explorer. Why? fyi, the Samba box is setup as file server. If users
can't see it in file manager, that would be in no avail. Please help.


Eric Boey	
Software Engineer

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