Very Slow Transfers from Win2K to Linux over Samba

plasmatic at plasmatic at
Mon Nov 19 21:59:02 GMT 2001

I'm having a slight problem with Samba.  For a few months now I've used
Samba on my Linux box to access my songs on my Win98 machine over a 10MBit
Ethernet without any problems.  Now that I've upgraded to Win2K, my uploads
are down to about 30k/s and my downloads to about 1k/s.  Changing SO_SNDBUF
to 1200 made the uploads quite a bit better, jolting back and forth but
averaging about 200k/s, but changing SO_RCVBUF, max xmit, raw read/write,
and large readwrite seemed to have no effect.  The only thing that works is
using smbclient and specifying -b 1200, which gives me my usual 500-600kb/s
downloads.  However, this doesn't help with smbmount.  Of anyone I'm sure
you guys would know best as to where I can make this setting permanent
(even if I have to edit the source).  I'd just go back to Win98 (infact,
I've got half a mind) but 2000 has been relatively crash-free compared to
'98, and it would mean redoing EVERYTHING.  Any help you could give would
be appreciated.  Thanks!

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