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> Just a few ideas.
> As far as I know, windows does all the print filtering. The only
> exception is postscript. linux/samba can process a postscript file from windows
> (created using a postscript filter definition). If the printer is
> postscript, it can be just dumped to the printer, but, if the printer is not
> postscript, linux could filter the postscript job for you. 
> I would first try to install the proper printer definition in windows, and
> send your print jobs to samba to a raw print filter, ie, one that just dumps
> the job to the printer. This is usually called lp on the linux box and is
> the preferred way of doing this sort of thing. If the problem is
> installing the Epson driver files on windows, you could bypass that by
> choosing a postscript printer definition in windows, and then sending that
> job to the filtering print queue on linux, usually call ps.
> You say linux prints pefectly to this printer. Have you tried text files as
> well as postscript files (postscript is generated from most linux software,
> including netscape.)  Text file require enscript, which postscript files do
> not.
> N.B. I have found that the test page you print after installation is sent to the
> raw queue, not the filtered queue, so a test page may print but nothing
> else will.
> Joel

Thanks for all the advice but no matter what type of queue I create, 
and despite the printer share showing up in Windows2000 
"add-->printer--network--etc" when I go into the Windows printer 
interface and highlight the printer the [status] says in red "Access 
denied, unable to connect"

Though when I'm choosing the printer during the windows setup the 
[status] reads "ready"

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