Samba won't allow PC connections

Ben Griffith bgriffit at
Mon Nov 19 16:49:02 GMT 2001


Thanks for the config file, I will go through it at length and see what 
else I can learn. I probably should have mentioned that I did run through 
the diagnosis in the samba docs. Everything hums along fine until step 8 
where one is supposed to try "net view \\BIGSERVER".

Here I get the invalid password message, when prompted to enter a password, 
I can try a valid one or just hit enter, either way Win gives me an Error 
5: You do not have the proper rights to access this blah blah.....

It is especially frustrating since I can do the same thing on a 'nix 
machine eg: smbclient -L //BIGSERVER and when prompted for the password, 
press enter and I get the list of active shares on BIGSERVER.

I am continuing to hunt for the best way to do totally anonymous access for 
this. I will keep hunting on the lists and reading posts.



--On Monday, November 19, 2001 5:48 PM -0500 Joel Hammer 
<Joel at> wrote:

| First, walk through DIAGNOSIS.txt in /doc/textdocs <---MOST IMPORTANT.
| If that all works, below is my smb.conf which does just what you want.
| I do not use the [printer] special share, rather, I list each printer
| separately. This keeps things simpler. This printer definition does not
| filter. All filtering happens on the windows boxes.
| [global]
|         netbios name = HAMMER2
|         interfaces =
|         security = SHARE
|         guest account = ftp
|         hosts allow = 192.168. 127.
|         strict sync = Yes
| [lp]
|         comment = Raw Printer for Z53
|         path = /tmp
|         create mask = 0700
|         guest ok = Yes
|         hosts allow = 192.168.
|         printable = Yes
|         printing = lprng
|#       print command = echo "Tried to print %s" > /SPOOL/junk.%s
|         print command = /usr/bin/lpr -Plp %s; rm %s
|         lpq command = /usr/bin/lpq -Plp
|         lprm command = /usr/bin/lprm -Plp %j
|         lppause command = /usr/bin/lpc hold -Plp %j
|         lpresume command = /usr/bin/lpc release -Plp %j
|         printer name = lp
|         share modes = No
| [AllFiles]
|         comment = All Files
|         path = /
|         read only = No
|         guest ok = Yes
| My lp in /etc/printcap is:
| lp|LP|z53-outfiles:\
|         :sd=/var/spool/lpd/lp:\
|         :mx#0:\
|         :lp=/dev/lp0:\
|         :sh:rw:
| I am not certain if the rw does any good (open printer for reading and
| writing) but it might. Notice there is no filter in this definition.
| Joel

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