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Just a few ideas.
As far as I know, windows does all the print filtering. The only
exception is postscript. linux/samba can process a postscript file from windows
(created using a postscript filter definition). If the printer is
postscript, it can be just dumped to the printer, but, if the printer is not
postscript, linux could filter the postscript job for you. 
I would first try to install the proper printer definition in windows, and
send your print jobs to samba to a raw print filter, ie, one that just dumps
the job to the printer. This is usually called lp on the linux box and is
the preferred way of doing this sort of thing. If the problem is
installing the Epson driver files on windows, you could bypass that by
choosing a postscript printer definition in windows, and then sending that
job to the filtering print queue on linux, usually call ps.
You say linux prints pefectly to this printer. Have you tried text files as
well as postscript files (postscript is generated from most linux software,
including netscape.)  Text file require enscript, which postscript files do
N.B. I have found that the test page you print after installation is sent to the
raw queue, not the filtered queue, so a test page may print but nothing
else will.

> On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 12:59:46PM -0800, Bill Schoolcraft wrote:

> Hello Family,
> My RedHat-7.2 box prints perfectly to an Epson777 color injet
> printer which I gave an IP address via a mini printserver attached
> to the back of the printer.
> I have a Windows2000 computer hooking into the same RedHat-7.2 box 
> via Samba-2.2.2 fine.
> I have not been able to get my Windows2000 box to print to the 
> Epson777 color injet via Samba.
> [question]
> Since Linux already "filters" the docs it prints should I send the 
> Windows2000 files to the Linux box in RAW mode and let Linux filter 
> the text ?
> If there is any "Windows2000 && Samba && Printing" success stories 
> (smb.conf files) or http://links to resources I'd appreciate it. 
> I've tried printing straight from the Windows2000 box to the
> Epson777 color injet (static ip to statice ip) but for the life of
> me can't get even a chirp out of the printer.
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