Slow writes from DOS client

Joel Hammer Joel at
Mon Nov 19 14:27:04 GMT 2001

Don't have any experience with DOS clients but there is a nice document
called Speed.txt in the docs/textdocs directory in the samba source. It goes
into these issues. Might help.

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 04:28:59PM -0500, Michael Stein wrote:
> I made a post a few days ago about slow writes from a DOS client to my Samba
> server (2.2.2).  I have since tested the connectivity from winME and Win2000
> and have not noticed the same problems with these OS's. 
> Some of you suggested that the I should switch to a LanMAN client.  Does
> anyone have details on how to set up this client on floppies as I have
> dealing with the MSCLIENT for a long time? 
> Nevertheless, I really am hoping (still holding out) for a solution for the
> problem between the MSCLIENT and Samba.  I really would like to roll out
> with this config and since I have seen several other people with the same
> problem I was wondering if this could be a bug of sorts.
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