Unicode? Diacriticals

Thomas Moy tmoy at harmoniamundi.com
Mon Nov 19 13:28:03 GMT 2001

I just got 2.2.2 setup on a Mac OSX machine using the Samba X from the
SourceForge project.  Testing showed great performance, but clients can't
access files with diacriticals in the filenames.  I couldn't find anything
on how to do this with the provided configuration tool, but wonder if
there's a way to do so directly in Samba. (?)

Also, we're a small shop and I'm mapping everyone to Guest to insure
everyone can share these files.  Aside from that security decision, are
there any issues with doing this?

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Tom (Samba/UNIX newbie)

Thomas Moy
Harmonia Mundi USA

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