Samba Problems

Duane Douglas ddouglas at
Mon Nov 19 10:09:01 GMT 2001

At 06:17 PM 11/19/2001 +0100, Sobek, Christof wrote:
>I can`t find a bugs in Samba, but i have some queries to Samba and i hope
>you can help me.
>I will migrate my domain to Win2000 and i have many Samba Servers(2.0.7)
>  in my domain. Before i migrate i must know, if the Samba-Version 2.0.7 is
>compatible to Win 2000. I can't find any information witch describle this
>In my laboratory i tested some things and it doesn't works. I don't know
>I hope you can give me uesful information.

i'm running samba 2.0.7 on redhat linux 7.1.  win2k is my pdc.  i haven't 
encountered any compatibility issues thus far.


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