Win2k terminal server and "MultipleUsersOnConnection"

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Mon Nov 19 01:05:07 GMT 2001

Unfortunatly it does not work the same way on Windows 2000.  This issue has been up 
before.  No one has solved the "problem".   

MultipleUsersOnConnection is not "supported" on Windows 2000 as W2K have no limits to 
how many processes can go through one connection (from 1024 on WinNT 4.0 WTS).

Andre, we have frozen migration to W2K due to this issue.  I would be very interrested to hear 
you tell us what kind of problems you get on the Samba server due to all those "virtual" 
clients conenction trough one process?

Per Kjetil Grotnes

> Did you actually try to add it?
> If i recall things correctly we had to add this key to the registry on NT 4 TSE (this was 
before samba had the .reg files). It was non-existent before. It might work the same way on a 
Win2k Terminal server
> On NT4 terminal server it is possible to change a registry setting to make it create one 
connection to samba per user ....
> I know there has been a lot of discussion around this but I can't find a definative answer in 
any of the posts: How do you do this with 2000?
> The fact that it only runs one smb process is causing serious problems on my samba 
> Anybody?
> Andre

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