samba and NT network

Nevada Blair nevonline at
Sun Nov 18 10:29:30 GMT 2001

Hello Mr. Hammer
we've just installed a ISA firewall, but my network administartor insist 
that its not his firewall but I believe it is.

Can you tell me what area in ISA I need to address to fix this promlem.

This is a urgent matter, thanks for your help.

>From: Joel Hammer <Joel at>
>To: Nevada Blair <nevonline at>, samba at
>Subject: Re: samba and NT network
>Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 21:23:07 -0500
>The last time this happend on this  list it was a firewall problem on the
>samba server.
>If that doesn't fix it, try walking through DIAGNOSIS.txt in the docs.
>On Sun, Nov 18, 2001 at 01:42:31AM +0000, Nevada Blair wrote:
> > Hi Samba Team
> > I have a urgent problem. I have a Unix box that's running Samba Server, 
> > can see the Server on the NT network but when I try to access the share 
> > get the message:
> >
> > "\\Samba is not accessible".
> >   The network path was not found.
> >
> > On the WINS Server I have a static mapping to the IP and I'm able to do 
> > ping from the Unix and to The NT network and from the NT box to the Unix
> > box.
> >
> > Can you advise me as to what do please.
> >
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