Samba PDC causing M$ office not to work

Dr Andreas F Muller afm at
Sat Nov 17 11:26:02 GMT 2001


I've set up samba 2.2.1a on a Linux box as a PDC for a  bunch  of
NT4SP5 clients. This works quite nicely. All applications work as
they should, except Office, which complains about  a  failure  to
initialize user32.dll. If I turn all users into domain admin, of-
fice works as it should. Some of the PCs run  with  FAT  (I  know
it's  bad,  but it was already so when I started to support their
network), others with NTFS, but  this  doesn't  seem  to  make  a
difference.  I'm not the M$ application type, so does anyone have
an idea that could help me, clueless as I am?

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