Appleshare IP6.2 and smbfs.

Frank Hodges wishbone at
Fri Nov 16 12:42:05 GMT 2001

Hello Jon,

>> Has anyone had success using samba 
>> with Appleshare IP???  Anyone???  I googled the web.  No one seems 
>> clear on whether this will work.  If I am asking the wrong person about 
>> this, please let me know who I should direct my questions to.  Thanks.

I am new to Samba and this ML, and I'm in trouble as well, but I am sure
that the Mac OS up to does _NOT_ support Samba, OS 10 does. If you
want to get Samba sipport on your Mac you will have to try a program called
Dave. If you want to download a fully working evaluation copy of the
software, then type this in your browser
"" it will work for about three

I have Dave on my G4 Mac, and I am using Samba 2.07, Tango and Miami on my
A4000. My two computers ping each other OK,  Tango says NO NETWORK, but can
find my Amiga shares. The Mac can't find any computers on the network, and
when I try the command "smbclient -L Mac"  (Mac= in a shell on
the Amiga I get the reply "Mac won't allow access" or something like that.
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE.

Does anyone have an Amiga and Mac Samba file sharing?

Frank Hodges.

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