Windows 2000-Client and Outlook 5 wont work

Michael Appeldorn appeldorn at
Fri Nov 16 05:55:04 GMT 2001

Hi list - help me - get nuts.

I moved the locally host dbx-files of my
outlook 5 to a folder on my samba 2.2.0

Then i modifyed the store root in registry.

After starting outlook all folder were empty and
only the standard folders in/outbox ect. 
were visible.

Removing back all to another local folder gives
same results back.

Putting the folders on remote win9x-shares 
everything works fine. Using an Windows 98
client and samba-share for outlook folders
everything fine 2.


PS: Comparing a special dbx-files local
hosted against "empty" share-hosted shows
a lot of null-value in remote file.

But with DBxtract-tools a can grab all
mail from remote-share files ?!?

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