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Jim Watt wattjg at
Thu Nov 15 18:43:02 GMT 2001

--On 11/16/2001 1:13 PM +1100 Andrew Bartlett wrote:

} One of the main changes in Samba 2.2 was fixing up the printing
} subsystem.  Grab a copy of Samba 2.2.2.  Samba *should* handle this
} properly now.

There was a recent thread that suggested that for LPRng,
the print command in smb.conf should look like this:

print command = lpr -r -P%p -J '%J' %s

The change is marked.  With that, the Windows print job name appears
instead of the "smbprn..." name on the banner page.

This is an odd problem.  In earlier versions of Samba, *no* change
was needed to the default print command for LPRng.

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