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Joel Hammer Joel at
Thu Nov 15 16:42:15 GMT 2001

This question has been asked and ignored before, so it sounds like a long
shoot. It SEEMS like this should be doable but I don't see where the name of
the windows file is passed to samba. I just tried a few things:
I made max jobs = 1. I was hoping that windows would just keep the job in
the windows queue with its windows name, but it refused to print it.
I disabled spooling on windows, printing directly to the printer. That
didn't help either. Of course, the print jobs have to have unique names, so
the name of the windows file can't be the name which is tracked in the
The solution might be to get windows not to send a print job to the server
unless the printer is free, but I don't see any spooler adjustment for that
and then of course your job might never get printed.
The only thing I could find was to take the printer on windows off line.
Then, the jobs stay on windows with their own file names, but, they are not
being printed during this time. 
I suspect the root problem is that windows won't pass the file name to samba.
This is the sort of thing that a linux person would solve with a script but
I do not know anything about windows scripting, nor if such a thing even
> Does anyone know of a way to maintain the Windows print job name with samba
> on a print job? i.e. NOT smbprn_0000126_InbAMi but Security HOW-TO...
> Thanks ahead of time...
> Wade Winright
> "Open the pod bay doors HAL!!!"
> -Arthur C. Clarke

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