SAMBA on Solaris with windows NT

Eric Wallace Eric.Wallace at
Thu Nov 15 15:29:02 GMT 2001

Windows NT (and higher?) wants to connect to the server with only one user/password combo (this establishes the Interprocess Communications Pipe \\server\IPC$). If you're already authenticated with one user/password, and try to connect with another, you'll get the error 'The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials'.

Perhaps you are trying to authenticate to different shares as different users, or maybe one share wants you to authenticate and the other wants you to be guest (which Samba accepts as "null session", user="" passwd="")?

If you're sure you want to connect as a different user from who was just connected, disconnect all the drive shares (and maybe printers) then run "net use \\server\IPC$ /delete" to be sure to "de-authenticate" from the server. Now you can cleanly connect with a different username.

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