Unable to join domain

Eric Wallace Eric.Wallace at nsc.com
Thu Nov 15 11:24:37 GMT 2001

cannon at purdue.edu wrote on 11/14/2001 04:18:00 PM:
> I still can't get either command to work for me.

Okay, here's a few suggestions...

Before trying again, do the following:

1.) on the Samba server:
    - Kill all the 'smbd' and 'nmbd' processes.
    - Rename or remove 'secrets.tdb' from the private directory.
    - Make sure your 'smb.conf' file has the appropriate values for operating the
      server as a domain member (i.e. "security=domain" and "workgroup=MYDOMAIN")
    - Also in 'smb.conf', increase the log level to at least 3 (maybe even 10).

2.) on the NT "Server Manager":
    - Find the entry for your Samba server and delete it.
    - The entry won't necessarily disappear right away, so you might want to re-sync
      the domain (select the PDC, choose "Computer|Synchronize Entire Domain") and
      wait at least 15 minutes. Then refresh the Server Manager window--if the Samba
      server's name is gone, you're good to go.

Now you can try the command again cleanly with the NT domain admin password. Note the 
exact time you run the command, and pipe the output to a file).

If it still doesn't work:

1.) on the Samba server:
    - Review the output from the 'smbpasswd' command. Look for problems finding or
      communicating with the PDC--you might have a lookup confusion between DNS and
	WINS and LMHOSTS and broadcast, or maybe a bad password.

2.) on the NT "Event Viewer":
    - Use "Event Viewer" to view the errors on the PDC (choose "Log|Select Computer"
      and enter "\\PDCNAME"
    - Look for red "stop sign" entries in the System Log (and maybe Security Log,
      if you've configured Auditing) around the time you ran 'smbpasswd'
    - If the above errors don't reveal anything, you can start up your Samba processes
      as if it were working, and try to logon. Note the exact time you tried, and go
      to the System Log on the PDC and BDCs to look for error entries.

Hope that helps you out...

	Eric W. Wallace
	National Semiconductor/Maine
	I.S. Infrastructure Sr. System Engineer
	eric.wallace at nsc.com

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