Appleshare IP 6.2 and smbfs

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Nov 15 02:59:02 GMT 2001

On Thu, 15 Nov 2001, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> Unless you are running MacOS X, the only SMB server available for the
> Mac is 'Dave', see the links on the download page @

Are you sure about that? google tells me:

"This version [6.0] adds support for SMB over TCP/IP as well, bringing Windows
 clients into the fold."

"In addition, Version 6 will provide SMB client support, letting Windows 95
 and Windows NT clients access AppleShare servers natively."

And would smbclient get as far as protocol negotiation if the server
didn't support SMB? I'd expect it to fail sooner (session request).


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