(Slightly) OT: Non-Samba browsing question

Barry Callahan barryc at rjlsystems.com
Thu Nov 15 01:11:05 GMT 2001

I've got a small network at home, currently consisting of 2 '98 machines and a 2k-pro box.

All was hunky-dory under Network Neighborhood, until I got a DSL line installed two days ago, and I thought it best to disable file sharing on all the boxes until I had a firewall inplace, which I now do.

At any rate, I'd had need to access some files stored on one 98 box with the other two.  I set the folder they were in to being shared read-only, and was able to access it via the 2k box, but not the other '98 machine.

In fact, on both 98 boxes, when opening Network Neighborhood, the workgroup that all 3 boxes belong to didn't show up, and when I double-clicked "Entire Network" I was informed that I was unable to browse the network.

It wasn't until I re-enabled file sharing on the 2k box that network browsing returned to normal.

I'm looking for possible explanations.  Is it possible that the 2k box (which had never needed a reboot while making any of the network changes) had declared itself the master browser, but since file sharing was turned off, that it was denying the other two machines access to it's "map" of the network?

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