Share shows up but is not accessible.

Michael Solem msolem at
Wed Nov 14 14:28:06 GMT 2001

In Windows explorer the computer (Penguin) and share (Ring) show up, but when I try to access the share, I get the following message:

    \\Penguin\Ring is not accessible
    The share name was not found.  Be shure you typed it correctly.

I have Samba set up on another Linux machine (OldPenguin) in the same network, and it works fine. Both computers run Red Hat 7.1 and Samba 2.0.7 (which came with the distribution).  Both machines have the same smb.conf file.

    workgroup = Workgroup
    log level = 3
    guest account = ftp
    security = share

    comment = For testing only
    path = /home/usr1/Ring
    read only = no
    guest ok = yes
    map to guest = bad user

The Ring directory has permissions 777 on both machines.  
The windows machines are 98 and XP, both have the same problem accesing the share.

I can fully access Penguin from OldPenguin using:
    smbclient //Penguin/Ring -I

The file log.smb shows the following error.
    Can't change directory to /home/usr1/Ring (permission denied)

I have tried everything I can think of.  Does anyone have any suggestions.


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