Profile and Win2k SP2 problem.

OenusTech oenustech at
Wed Nov 14 11:56:02 GMT 2001

Gerald (Jerry) Carter dijo:

>> Disabling it makes the whole thing run much much faster (i.e. saving a
>> 200MB roaming profile takes about 5 to 10 seconds with large readwrite
>> disabled. With large readwrite enabled takes about 30 seconds).
> This last paragraph makes no sense.  Is this what you meant
> to say?

exactly. let me put over the table what I have here:

Linux server (redhat 7.1) with custom 2.4.13-ac4+acl kernel, samba 2.2.2
with acl support (acl dissabled only in profiles share)
server has AMD 900 Mhz and 512 MB RAM

several client machines with Win2k SP2 with NTFS and roaming profiles

If large readwrite enabled the whole thing slows to a crawl (don´t ask me
why, I don´t have the time and the knowledge to find out why this is
happenning, I can send you logs and put samba to generate debug info if
necessary during weekends). OTOH, if large readwrite is disabled, samba
runs as expected, which is really really fast here.



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