Compilation Failure winbind 2.2.2 on Solaris 7

Ann Buck Ann.Buck at
Wed Nov 14 05:20:03 GMT 2001

I have subsequently compiled 2.0.7 successfully on Solaris 7, with Sparc
'C' Compiler 5.0.  
2.0.7 and previous versions have compiled successfully and work fine on
Digital Unix 4.0.D.  So have had to abandon 2.2.2 for time being in
favor of 2.0.7.

Since samba compilations have been successful before, was not logging
output :-(
The gist of the errors are as follows:

Compiler failed on:
Compiling nsswitch/winbindd_util.c
line # 628 arg # 6 is incompatible with prototype
pointer to pointer to uint included proto.h line 1713
line 837 syntax error empty declaration

Compiling nsswitch/winbind_nss.c with -KPIC
line 377 arg # 4 incompatible with prototype line 116
{Repeated at lines 377 428 441 491 504 630 691 705 755 769}

Ld: fatal: option -h and building a dynamic executable are incompatible
ld: fatal Flags processing errors
Make Fatal error Command failed for target 'nsswitch/'

I have no pressing need to be on 2.2.2 and have v. small amount of 'C'
skills but found the incompatible prototype messages sufficiently
worrying to send them to you.

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