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at first, you have to use Samba Version 2.2.1 or higher.

When you try to join the domain you have to give the root password, to
authorize that the
Client joins the domain.

I don't know special HOWTos for w2k client, only the original PDC HowTo on



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I have read your mail, that you have a W2K client joining your 2.2.1 PDC

Can you tell me, how you connected your W2K client to the PDC? I have a
PDC which can be joined by NT4SP6 Clients and now I have some w2K
clients to do the same. I added an accout for my W2K client but when I
try to add it to the domain I'M asked for an account and password to
join the domain... Are ther some special options I have to use in the

May be you have a step-by-step HOwTO like help for me??

Thanks in advance!

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