samba problem

FLORIVAL FM seb333 at
Wed Nov 14 00:23:03 GMT 2001

Hello !

I have a little network ( 11 pc ) with the latest version of samba
(2.2.2 ) on my server. I use it as a PDC.
It work fine when i'm connected as an administrator, but, when i'm
connected to a simple user on my domain, i cant
use a database that is open by an other computer. I think it's a locking
problem, but I'm not sure... I have look the smbd logs and it tells that
api_net_sam_logon: Failed to marshall NET_R_SAM_LOGON.

api_rpcTNP: api_netlog_rpc: NET_SAMLOGON failed.

call_nt_transact_ioctl: Currently not implemented

I dont know if it's concerning my problem, but....

Thanks for your help, if you know the problem, and the solution, because

I'm forced to log all computers as administrator to work
proprerly. It's not the ideal !

Thanks !


ps : Sorry for my bad english ;o)

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