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Tue Nov 13 15:04:02 GMT 2001

Hello, I am *new* to linux and want to share a local Lexmark Optra Plus on a windows 2000 computer, windows 98 computer and windows 95 computer. All 3 computers should have printing access to the printer so we can print text, pictures, ect. I would like to know what changes should i make to smb.conf in order for the computer to work. So far i have it to the point where the linux machine can print documents, and I see the machine and can acess the machine in windows 2000 only, not the windows 95 or 98. I click on the pritner add it to my printer folder and then it says it is ready but when i click print it says cannot write to printer... retry on cancel... I just wanted to know what i should do to get it working thanks.. 

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