Please Help (with samba on AIX)

Urban Widmark urban at
Tue Nov 13 13:39:03 GMT 2001

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Zamani, Abdoul wrote:

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>     I would appreciate it if someone could help me out on this. Right
> now we have a very old version of Samba (dated 1996) which we map drives
> from window 95 to UNIX(AIX 433) box. We upgraded some of our desktop to
> Window 98 and 2000. Since then we are not able to map any drive which

1996? I'd say it was time to upgrade.

IBM has something called the "AIX Toolbox for Linux applications" which
contain rpms (rpm is a kind of package manager) and srpms (source used to
build an rpm) for various free software. Has nothing to do with linux as
far as I can tell ...

They seem to have a 2.2.1a version of samba available and plenty of
instructions (you'll want all 3 samba rpms).

The source is also available from, if you have a working C
compiler (such as gcc) and would like to compile it yourself. Instructions
are available in the source package (docs/htmldocs/UNIX_INSTALL.html)
Don't know if the source distribution compiles without changes on AIX.

> complain about invalid passwd. I heard the later version of windows
> using encrypted passwd.  Please advise. What do I need to do?  If I need

There is a registry hack you can enable on the clients to make them allow
unencrypted passwords. Recent samba versions have those keys in the docs.
(also available on mirrors as:
 "documentation -> other doco that comes with the source")

2.2.2 supports using encrypted passwords, either by having a local
smbpasswd file or by using a NT PDC (it can probably be a PDC too if you 
have that need, never tried that myself though).


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