Cannot access Samba through Win2000 or WinNT Server but can from WinNT Workstation?

Anthony aslan at
Tue Nov 13 12:27:04 GMT 2001

Hi Brendan. I think you'll find that adding "encrypt passwords = Yes" to 
your smb.conf file will fix your problem.

If anyone out there has any good reason why I might be wrong, please feel 
free to slap me about the head and steer Brendan in the correct direction. :)


At 06:17 a 14/11/2001, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have Samba 2.2.2 running on a Linux 7.1 box.
>4 machines connected to a WinNT Server via a hub.
>The 4 machines are WinNT Server, WinNT Workstation, Win2000 and Linux 
>running Samba Server.
>With Samba running (see testparm for samba configuration details) I can 
>logon and access files on the Linux machine using the WinNT Workstation 
>but cannot access the Samba server using the WinNT Server or Win2000 machines.
>When I try using the Win2000 machine, I get the following when I try to 
>double click the Samba Server;
>\\Arl-linux1 is not accessible.
>The account is not authorized to log in from this station.
>I get a popup prompt for user name and password on the WinNT Server, but 
>when I enter the correct user name and password I get the same message as 
>Has anybody idea's as to the problem?

Anthony (aslan at

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